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Fast Turn-around, Lowest Cost, One Stop Flexibility

One Stop Flexibility

We specialize in captioning weekly television programs at the lowest cost, with the fastest turn-around in the industry. We are your one-stop shop for closed captioning and DVD subtitling. Send us your project, we'll transcribe it, caption it, encode it, and deliver it. We'll deliver your captioned production on any tape format, or as a captioned file that drops onto your NLE. You make one phone call...we do the rest. With our AVID Adrenaline NLE we can drop in last moment spots, all with SDI quality.

Personalized Service

We need to know your project requirements and specs. We can then provide the lowest price and quickest turnaround time. You make one phone call...we do the rest.

Schnucks Partners With Caption Midwest to Offer
Closed-Caption Commercials

ST. LOUIS – Company leaders for Schnuck Markets, Inc. today announced that on April 2, Schnucks will become the first local grocery retailer to offer closed-caption commercials. The new service, to be made available to Schnucks customers in all markets, originates from a partnership with St. Louis-based Caption Midwest.

Founded in St. Louis in 1939, Schnuck Markets, Inc. operates 101 stores (including five Logli stores) and 98 pharmacies in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Schnucks TV Commercial
Click on photo to play sample Schnucks TV commercial

Click here to view Schnucks media release.

Click here to view a news story from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

High-quality Closed Captioning with the fastest turn-around in the industry is what Caption Midwest is famous for. DVD subtitling, transcription and translation can also be provided with the same superior quality service. Roll-up and pop-on available. ASK ABOUT OUR FIRST TIME CLIENT DISCOUNT

On-Time, On-Budget:
We complete most projects in just two days. Not two weeks like most of our competitors. Our pricing is extremely competitive. And our quality control is intense. Using state-of-the-art equipment, accessible, knowledgeable staffers - who know how to spell! -- We will complete your closed captioning or subtitling project quickly and on budget. Substantial discounts available for weekly programs.

Format Flexibility:
We can add captioning to almost every videotape format from Digital Betacam to old home beta. (Yes, we still have our Sony home beta decks!) Whether closed captioning is needed for a 30-second commercial on Digital Beta, or a one-hour training video on Beta SP, DV or DVCAM, we are fully equipped to handle projects of all sizes and types.

Beta SP From Your DVD Master:
Station requires Beta SP and you shot on DV – no problem. Don’t rent a Beta deck. Ship us a DVD and we will provide captioning, add time-code and produce a Beta SP master. If you like, we can produce numerous Beta SP masters and even ship directly to your stations.

Our Captioning, Your Transcript:
We can produce your closed captioning using YOUR provided transcript. This handy maneuver can save you thirty percent. And reduce our turn-around time to SAME DAY.

DVD Subtitles:
We can produce a subtitles for use in your suthoring system. We can export a compatible file for use in apple studio pro, adobe encore, pinnacle impression, sonic solutions & spruce maestro.

DVD Authoring:
We provide complete DVD authoring, encoding and caption text subtitling. We can also design menus -- and even assist with label or package design. If you have a master tape once used for broadcast or VHS duplication, you probably know your master can't just be burned to the DVD to create dependable DVDs with captioning. But, we can extract the text from your tape master and use that text to produce subtitles on your new DVD. Major savings.

Non-Linear Caption Encoding:
We can produce a special file that will enable you to add our captions directly to the time-line of your NLE. Imagine... No generation loss. And you don't even have to send us a tape! With this revolutionary new method of captioning we support most AVID systems, Velocity, Media 100, Sony Xpri, Adobe Premier Pro & Discreet.

St. Louis Specials:
Caption Midwest projects are produced, start to finish, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA - including transcription and encoding. So St. Louis clients can shorten project turn-around by another two days, plus save on overnight shipping. We can also start the transcription process using an audio file you sent to us via our secure FTP site. Audio file today ... ship your master tape today and your finished closed caption master can be completed TOMORROW.


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